#AtoZChallenge 2023 – Bex

Please note this is fiction!

My phone buzzes as I open my locker. Sighing, I let my backpack drop to the floor before checking my phone. Mom. Just how many times will she check on me?

“Hi mom, I’m fine.” I say, rolling my eyes.

“Are you making friends?”

“It’s not even the first period.” Is she expecting me to make friends the moment I step through the door? Should I have announced my arrival like, “Hear ye, hear ye, the lovely Becca Long has arrived. Now be my friend.” Did she make friends like that when she was my age? I glance at the clock in the corridor. “The bell will ring in a minute. I gotta go.”

“Don’t forget to make friends.” I hang up before she can say more.

What’s wrong with not having any friends? I’m not lonely. I’ve never felt lonely. Is Mom worrying I might have another mental breakdown like the one I had shortly after my middle school graduation party that warranted a 3-month stay in a mental institution? Trust me when I say this, my mental breakdown was not from the lack of friends.

It was from being overwhelmed at a party my parents threw without my consent. I never wanted to have a house filled with rowdy people I don’t know let alone having them jump on my favorite couch, eat my favorite snacks reserved only for me, and drink my soda. What were my parents thinking? They might have been a party animal when they were in school but a party animal I definitely am not.

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