#WeekendCoffeeShare: Life’s been a Blur

Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash

Good Saturday morning and thank you for joining me in this First-Saturday-of-May edition of #WeekendCoffeeShare. What a beautiful day today! Come on, let’s get out of the house and go to a coffee house.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you life has been a blur lately. Work has been crazy busy, to the point where sometimes I can’t even find the time to catch up on blogs. A fellow team member recently left us to join the army. This caused a shift in the task force, which resulted in me taking on double duty and overtime.

Even though it’s a good thing (I guess) I’m getting overtime, I’m often exhausted when I get home and that’s usually when my mom would pile more stuff onto my to-do list and by the time I finally find a free second, it’s time for bed.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I was exhausted last night. I went out to the park for a walk and found myself nodding off half-way around the lap. I sure hope I will get more sleep this weekend. I’ll need it.

If you were to ask if I have been anywhere excited lately, I would shake my head and say, “Unfortunately, I have not.” Mother Nature has been bringing lots and lots rain. It seemed like every time I wanted to go somewhere, Mother Nature would bring rain. Non-stopping rain and dreary skies. Then when I’m at work and can’t go anywhere, Mother Nature would present beautiful sunny weather.

I’m hoping this weekend will be the weekend to finally venture outside beyond the park. Wish me luck.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I read Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck for the third time and finally understood what that book is about. I finally understood why we have to read it in school and I finally understood why the book is a “what people call” a timeless classic. I’m not good at discussing books or reviewing them. So I guess you’ll just have to read the 100+ pages to find out yourself.

Finally, if we were having coffee, I would thank you for joining me today and hope to see you back here soon.

23 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Life’s been a Blur

  1. Sorry you’re so tired lately with all you have to do. Hope that changes soon. The weather is the same here — rainy when I’m off, sunny and lovely when I’m not. Mother Nature is NOT funny. And Of Mice and Men is a classic for good reason. Glad you enjoyed it. I love that book. I saw it as a play once, too. If you haven’t read more of John Steinbeck’s work, I highly recommend The Pearl.

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    1. Uh, I hate that. It’s like Mother Nature doesn’t want us to go out and enjoy ourselves on our day off. It’s like she wants to make us stuck at home. No, absolutely not funny, Mother Nature. I sure hope that changes soon. I’m going insane wanting to go out but I don’t want to go out into the rain and cold.
      I’m glad I gave Of Mice and Men another try. That was a great book. I saw the movie and it was great too.

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  2. Great to hear your getting lots of work. How’s your cousin and your aunt, still at your place? Hope you’re work is able to hire someone soon to help you w/ the workload so you can relax a bit. I hope the rain stops too, I know you love hiking and nature and how relaxing that is for you.

    Take care!

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    1. Oh yeah, they’re still in my home, driving me insane with their fatty cooking when I’m trying to get healthy. My work is actually trying to hire someone but is struggling to find an ideal candidate. I think it’ll take longer to fill this position than last year because the job market seems to be better this year. I guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait.
      I do love to hike and nature. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do any of that this year because of the rain and cold weather. A lot of the trails are still covered with snow. So I’ll have to wait.

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      1. Sorry to hear that was hoping they were looking for their own place. You just eat what you want to eat and can eat. I’m sure that’s hard, but you got to eat how you want in your own house. It’s good the economy is looking up, means it’s better here to. But, I get the trouble about finding the right candidate. Where my mom works they always struggle w/ similar issues.

        I’m sorry that the snow is still occurring or remaining in AZ. I’m surprised as here it’s gone. We had a few weekends in April where it briefly returned, but now it’s hopefully gone. We’ve been getting rain though as well. I know you live your hiking so I hope it dries up soon! Nice to hear from you! I did look at all your pics forA to Z, but didn’t get a chance to comment! Nice job 🙂

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      2. Weather in Utah is weird this year but based on what I heard from other bloggers, it seems like the weather is weird this year, period.
        I was hoping they’d get their own place too but with the money they’re earning and the amount they spend on food, I don’t think they can afford their own place, at least not the amount of rent for an apartment these days.

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      3. I can understand that. I have very decent rent for here. But, I think thats hard to find. Average here is $1100 my dad had said (mine is quite a bit lower and my bro does co-op housing), and I know rent is much more in Calgary, Vancouver etc. So imagine it would be hard in Utah too,because the value of the yen to the US dollar, no? And, yes the cost of food etc. has gone up from a few years back, globally. Slow economy effects everything. Here, it’s a buyers market in housing though. Do you think the same thing there?
        Anyways hope you guys are able to function and you can eat healthy too. Maybe you could have a little fridge in your bedroom? Just a thought. I know electricity Would go up a bit, but you’d have healthy (or dark chocolate) snacks on hand if you wanted 🙂

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      4. Actually, there’s no comparison to any currencies at all. The rent is expensive here in Utah, period. Remember I tried to move out last year, the rent was more than what I’m paying for mortgage and it went up by quite a bit in the last couple of months.
        The cost of food, on the other hand, hadn’t gone up a lot and it’s been quite affordable for them. Not for me, though, since they’re consuming most of the food.
        I’m not sure what kind of market it is right now. All I know is there is a housing shortage around these parts. I guess you can say it’s a buyer’s market.

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      5. Yes, Yinglan, it’s a buyers market here too. I remember you told me rent would be expensive in comparison. And you’d be right for here too, my brother pays less on his condo than he did for renting the top floor of a house (the landlord couldn’t find another good tenant). I lucked out rent wise, but I searched for a year, and looked quite a bit the past few months. While there are some places around. Do they contribute to food or meals? That’s a thought. I don’t think we have that issue here, but if people can’t make much off of building or flipping houses as prices are low, that makes sense. Anyways good luck with everything. I hope it’s hiking weather soon.

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      6. Yes, I’ve been looking too and the mortgage on my house is definitely cheaper than renting and by quite a bit. They definitely contribute food and meals but not the kind I like or want to eat; it’s always pork with them and I’m trying to avoid meat because it takes forever for my body to digest and too much meat isn’t good for anyone’s health.
        Anyway, I hope everything is going well with you and have a good week. 😊

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      7. Thanks Yinglan you too. It’s okay. Much better than last week. I think moderation of any meat is good. I don’t eat fish cause of allergies, but I know chicken or turkey is better for you, but that say once a week red meat does have benefits due to iron. But, if you prefer not to eat it, they’re are many other protein sources of course. Have a good week my friend. And hope the whole situation improves. Cheers

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      8. Hi Yinglan. I’ve been having more down days. This time of year I’m used to having a lot of energy, but I’m getting better and I know sometimes things take time. I’m going to my first beginner ballet class tomorrow, fitness more I think. I was practising to a YouTube video today. Some things I remember, most not so much. Was much easier when I was 15 or so lol. But, i live close to a park now, and think I will spend more time there doing some of my work outside at least.
        Take care and hope your weekend was well. Perhaps getting some sun and hiking weather?

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      9. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m glad to hear you live near a park. Taking a walk outside always helps, that is when the weather allows. It’s been raining almost every day lately and it’s starting to get to me since I’m always stuck at home.

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      10. Yikes! I think the world is turned around. We have bad forest fires in Ft. McMurray and also I think BC as well. It’s been nice weather and as soon as it’s around 25 degrees. .
        But that means forest fires and we’ve had it hanging like fog today badly as it goes down south to us. So, we definitely need your rain for awhile lol. I know what you mean about being stuck. Sometimes that’s me too. Perhaps, you can do yoga or something inside, to do something? Or stop at a drop in class somewhere? I’ve missed two-weeks from my dance pass, but hope to get a couple in on the weekend. After I’m going to try a pass for a yoga studio nearby for $25 for the next 10 days. See how that goes, and then try to balance different kinds of exercise both going out and at home. Unfortunately, regular prices for any studio are expensive. So drop in it is for now, possibly a punch pass, but we’ll see 😉 Thinfs have been good this week?
        Take care

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  3. Every now and then, putting a classic into the reading list is a great idea. They are most often called classics for a very good reason. Year after year, they seem to only get better, more relevant or more inspired. But rest too is needed. Don’t postpone it for very long.

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