Goals and Hopes for 2020

Happy New Year everyone!

Now that I’ve eaten, relaxed, exercised, and made my first baking mistake (forgot to put yeast in my bread dough) of 2020, I think it’s time for me to write down a few goals and hopes for the year 2020.


  • Try to make an additional $50 to $100 principal payment toward my house mortgage. Hopefully, by the end of the year, the extra payments will equal to approximately 2 months mortgage payments.
  • Try to save at least $100 per month for rainy day fund. I haven’t had a rainy day fund for two years and I think it’s time to start the fund again since I used it all during the unemployment of 2018.
  • Take vacation time from work, even if it’s for a day. Don’t become a workaholic.
  • Try to look for beauty in everyday life whenever bad thoughts threaten to enter my mind.
  • Try to write more. I want to try and complete one story to submit to the Z Publishing company and I want to try to get back to a regular schedule blogging, to try to post something each week, whether it be a story, picture, etc. It’s not my goal to be spontaneous this past few days but I had been bored from the days off and stuck at home due to snow and bad weather.


  • Curb my craving for sugar. My sugar craving was at its worst throughout 2019. I’m already looking for chocolate, cakes, anything to satisfy my sweet tooth even though I know it’s detrimental to my health. Ugh!
  • Curb my craving, PERIOD. I am an emotional eater. Whenever I’m angry, upset, or stress, I eat and when I start eating, it’s difficult for me to stop. I hope to control that part of brain.
  • My mom mentioned at dinner tonight her one goal for 2020 and that is to try to fight less with me and her family. I hope she follows through and hope that God will provide her with the guidance to follow through with her goal.
  • Go on more hikes even if I’ve been on the trail before.
  • My last hope for this new year is that I hope even through the dark and rough times I may encounter in the upcoming 12 months, God will always shine a light to lead me down the right path especially as I try to achieve my financial goals.

8 thoughts on “Goals and Hopes for 2020

  1. have you looked into making payments every 2 weeks? it’s something to ask your bank about. your monthly payment is essentially cut in half so you pay about half every 2 weeks. that makes 13 monthly payments at the end of the year. it cuts off I dunno how many years at the end of your 30 year mortgage.

    this is what I’m doing on a 15 year mortgage and it’s going to save me a ton of money in th end. something to ask the bank about. send them an email and inquiire and then see if you can work it with your budget.

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