So Much has Happened…

Looking at my posts, I can’t believe I haven’t written anything since the end of February. What’s wrong with me?

I should start by saying I’m alive and well even though there are days when I feel so crappy that it made me contemplate on whether or not I got infected by this “thing” that has everyone on lock-down and panic mode. Thankfully, my feeling crappy had nothing to do this “thing”, it was merely my body’s strange way to deal with the roller-coaster weather.

So, a lot has happened in the last two months…


The world is in lock-down. Every YouTube video I watch seem to call it that too. Meanwhile, where I am, it’s called “Stay Home, Stay Safe.” I think they’re trying to make it sound less apocalyptic. Thankfully, I’m still allowed to go to work even if it’s for one day a week (the rest is work from home) and I’m still allowed to leave my house to go to the park for a breath of fresh air and a few laps of walk each day.

I’ve kinda developed a fear of going to the grocery store though. The first time I went after this “thing” hit, everyone looked like a zombie (maybe it’s just my imagination) shuffling mindlessly and aimlessly around the store. Maybe I was just overthinking about the “virus-thing”. In my mind, I kinda looked at it like a zombie virus. It won’t go away until everyone’s got it.


Things took a turn on March 18, 2020. That morning, minutes after I got to work, a 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck. I was less than 10 miles from the epicenter. I was on the 9th floor and my mom was on the 7th floor. It was a scary experience. I wouldn’t call it horrific though. My mom might.

The building swayed left and right like someone trying to balance on a skateboard. At first, I thought if I just hold on to the side of my desk, I would make it. After all, earthquakes only last a few seconds, right? No, this one lasted longer and the longer I tried to hold on, the more I felt like I was on a mechanical bull, about to be thrown off at any moment.

Better get under the desk.

By the time the quake ended and I got out from beneath the desk and assessed the damages around me, my mom had sprinted down the stairs and onto the streets. “Oh my gosh, she was still up there after the earthquake. I had to call her to get her to come down.” She would later retell the experience to her friends.

The remainder of that week moved like lightning. By Friday, my mom and I were sent home, my mom with her desktop computer from work while I got just a computer monitor.


Work has been the only thing keeping me sane lately. With the annual conference host by my work canceled, it was left to me to handle the accounting of the refunds which has kept me churning out an average of 45 hours per week. I was supposed to go to the conference and enjoy a few alone-days in sunny Orlando, Florida but now I’ll have to wait until 2021 when the conference will be held in Las Vegas (not as exciting as Florida in my mind).


I should mention, the earthquake is still happening even a month later. There are constantly small aftershocks, a quick rumble now and then, and it’s definitely not helpful when my mom and aunt suddenly shout “EARTHQUAKE” when I can’t feel anything.

On the bright side…

I succeeded in creating a sourdough starter. Actually, I joined pandemic baking before it became a thing. I actually began my starter in early February and had been feverishly researching away, trying to find out what I did wrong. After a month, I finally found the formula to make it work. Since then, I’ve made sourdough pancakes, Foccacia, soft pretzels, sourdough rolls, and sourdough sandwich bread.

Thankfully, my rock-cress flowers survive though it’s partially dead

I also started a container garden in my backyard. After winter killed most of the plants I planted last year, I decided this was it, I can only do container gardening. Last weekend, I went and bought around ten different flowers and I planned on just growing them in containers from now on.

20 thoughts on “So Much has Happened…

  1. Sounds like you’ve been through so much… I’m originally from California, so I understand the earthquake thing all too well. Strange I didn’t even hear about the one that happened in Utah though. I’m just so thankful that you’re alive and well. ❤️

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    1. I’ve lived in California for 4 years but never encountered an earthquake greater than a 4.0. So this was my first big quake. I was surprised it didn’t make national news because it was all the local news channel talked about that day. I guess it wasn’t as big of news as the virus.

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  2. I was thinking of you just last night. Decided you had moved on past blogging. What a delightful surprise to see you this morning. Seems like work is going fine for you. I’m glad. Stay busy and safe. Stay safely busy. 😀

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    1. Move on from blogging??? No way. I have just been too busy with work and life has decided to throw some massive curve balls lately. It’s good to stay busy but sometimes, I do need a timeout.

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  3. Those earthquakes sound seriously scary! Interesting they work is keeping you sane. I’ve had the opposite and felt stifled by work. I guess everyone responds to these changes in such a different way. The baking looks delicious!

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    1. Thanks, those were delicious as well.

      I’m the type of person that likes to stay busy. I tried doing nothing before (like 2 years ago) and I never want to feel that way again.


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