#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2021 – The Dark Sequel

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Good morning and thanks for joining me once again for another #Weekendcoffeeshare. Come on in and let’s have coffee. I’m sure there’s a pot brewing in the kitchen.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you about your first week of 2021. For me, it’s been pretty much the same. COVID is still around and it looks like it’s spiking again which has me worried now more than before since I ran out my prescription for hydroxychloroquine over a week ago. Now, my immune system is at risk because of my lupus.

As much as I want to head out and savor nature, I’m worried that anything can happen – skin rashes, fever, anything I am not in the mood for right now. My doctor messed up my prescription and forgot to update my records when I last saw her. If she or her nurse had been a little more meticulous, my prescription would say “take one tablet per day,” not “take one-half tablet per day.”

Good thing I have an appointment next Thursday and hopefully I can get my prescription straighten then. Until then, I have to be extra careful even though mom and family seem to think I’m invincible, bossing me around when I just want to stay home.

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

If we were having coffee, I wrote last week about how I predicted my week would be busy. I was sort of right. Emails popping up faster than I could answer and the phone calls, oh my goodness, I’m an introvert and those darn phone calls just about drove my already-noisy brain to the brink of insanity. 7 phone calls within 2 hours, yikes.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you even though I was busy with work and had to put everything else on the back burner, I couldn’t ignore the news around me. It’s been a crazy week for the country as well and part of me feels anxious regarding the uncertain future of the country. I heard some say a civil war is brewing while others say the world is about to end which has me worried. Will I have to learn to shoot a gun or learn to throw a knife soon?

2021 is beginning to feel like the darker sequel of 2020.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you something odd. I watched a movie last night. It was a variation to Cinderella. Five minutes into the movie, when the little girl was forced to move into the drafty attic of her aunt and uncle’s house, tears started streaming from my eyes. What’s happening? I haven’t cried for years and this is what gets my tears flowing?

I cried throughout the movie. I think it might be because I found it somewhat relatable even though none of my relatives treated me as bad as the aunt and uncle treated the girl in the movie. It’s still feels a little disbelieving that I couldn’t cry when mom and I have a fight but I bawl like a child just by watching a girl being condemned to the attic in a movie.

If we were having coffee, I would thank you again for having coffee and chatting with me and hope you will return and join me again next week.

14 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2021 – The Dark Sequel

  1. 2021 certainly hasn’t started in a nice way, I can’t say I had any high expectations of the start of this year but what happened in the US wasn’t really what I expected. I totally understand the worries about the future of the country.
    Good luck with your prescription… you definitely don’t want to be without your meds these days!

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    1. I am the opposite. I had too high of expectations for 2021. I, like a lot of people, expected 2021 to change for the better but so far, it’s been the opposite.
      Thank you for dropping by. I am crossing my fingers in hopes to get my prescription sorted when I go to the doctors on Thursday.


  2. Hi Yinglan, I’m visiting from Weekend Coffee Share. Thank you for joining in my debut party today. I hope your prescription gets sorted on Thursday and work settles down a bit for you.

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  3. Hi YIngLan.
    I had to smile because your tears at that movie reminded me of a air flight I was on shortly after becoming a father for the first time. Bear in mind that by the time my first was born, I’d worked with children either in college or in our church for just over 15 years and had been through some rough times. At the time, I could count all of 6 times that I recalled crying and never because of some child related issue.
    As I sat on that flight, they started to play a movie and I decided to watch it, but it contained a silly story twist where a father denied to his son that he wanted anything to do with him. A father denning his son. . . and yes, this brought me to tears and I was so embarrassed, but there it was and it felt horrible.
    We can be strong. We can be tender. But we are certainly human and those blasted emotions just deny being controlled sometimes. I hope you have a great and tear-free week coming your way.

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    1. Hi Gary, isn’t it strange sometimes how watching a movie would bring us to tears? I sometimes think it has something to do with our brains, maybe it’s trying to tell us something which we don’t understand or not yet understand. I agree, we can be strong and at times, we can be tender as well. Our emotions are what make us human and what differentiate humans from robots as well as one another.
      Thank you for dropping by. I hope it will be a tear-free week too unless I choose to watch another of those movies 😀 then it won’t be.


  4. My dearest, what a week. I’d pass you a virtual hug and box of tissues. It’s okay to cry. I think a lot of us are crying more often these days. It’s a release of stress, fear, etc for our bodies. It’s cleansing. I’ve found myself crying this week at the smallest of things… I watched a person raising a flag at the post office, and I couldn’t stop the tears. I was watching an old episode of Star Trek, and again, tears. I’ve decided to let myself cry if I need to, laugh when I can. IF people only understood what we have in this country (USA)… I’ve heard the rumors, too. They are rumors, and may cooler heads prevail. I continue to pray for you and your situation. I do hope you feel better soon, Yinglan. Be safe this week, eh. Hugs. Bear

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    1. Thank you, and I agree, crying is cleansing for our bodies and I was glad I was shedding tears for something as silly as a movie because those are tears of happiness, not sadness.
      I do hope those rumors though because it’s scary to listen to those things sometimes. Sending hugs your way too. Thank you for dropping by and have a great week. 🙂

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  5. There are moments in movies or even TV shows where I would just burst into tears and it would stay in my mind for days. Maybe it was good storytelling or maybe it was good acting.

    I still feel hopeful for 2021 especially in America. There will be a new President, but it does feel like a crawl to the inauguration. There are a few COVID vaccines, but I hope they get distributed faster and to more people. I am blessed as a health worker that I am eligible to receive one when I return to work, but it does not do good for me in my home and family life since no one else around me will get the vaccine until later on.

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    1. I think it definitely had something to do with good storytelling.
      I got the news today from my church that the state is going to start vaccinate teachers and school staff next week which might be good news??? For now, I’m just hoping life will to back to semi-normal by summer. Thank you for dropping by and have a great week.


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