MMLM Sunday Writing Prompt – Two Minds at Loggerheads

I am looking for post ideas to post on Mondays. So I decided to take a peek in my Writing Challenge list (a list of blog sites for writing challenges) on my WP reader and decided to take a crack at this one. Hope you enjoy.

This week’s prompt is “Two Minds at Loggerheads.”

Photo by Stillness InMotion on Unsplash

“You just don’t get it, do you?” I said, looking at the elaborate dinner on the small dining table. I came home tonight after an exhaustive 12-hour shift, hoping to shower, stuff my face with a microwave meal and sleep but there was my mother, again for the fourth time this week, coming into my home with her copy of the keys, trying to persuade me yet again to get back together with my ex-boyfriend.

“He’s like a son to me.” Mom said, whimpering. “Can’t you give him another chance?”

“Doesn’t my happiness mean anything to you?”

“What’s wrong with him, anyway? He’s nice. I don’t understand how you can be happy with him for almost two years and then all of a sudden, call it quits.”

I inhaled a sharp breath and placed my palms against each other, gathering my thoughts. “It’s not all of a sudden, mom and you’ve only met half of him, all right? I have lived with him.” I paused. How do I describe my ex? Argumentative? Opinionated? I inhaled another sharp breath, “Mom, I’m sorry but he’s not the same guy you’ve met at all those Sunday dinners.”


“He likes to argue, okay. He’s got an opinion on every little thing and I’m just so sick of having to defend myself all the time when I’m with him.”

“He’s only looking out for you. He only wants what’s best for you. You can’t blame him for that.”

“I’m sorry, what?” I took a step back, away from my mother’s outstretched arms. “You’re defending him? You’re defending him.” I wanted to scream. How could my mother side with that jerk? “Mom, I want you to leave.” When my mother didn’t move, I said with an authoritative voice, “Now.”

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