Lens-Artists Challenge #135: Glimpse into Your World

This week, Sheetalbravon is guest-hosting this challenge and she challenges us to show a glimpse into our world – things that make our world spin or things that makes us happy.

Ever since the pandemic when we’re all started to have to stay home and go out less, I began finding joy just to walk in my neighborhood park. I have been trying to squeeze in at least one walk per week, typically on weekends. Walking in the park not only gives me a chance to be alone with my thought but also allows me to practice mindfulness as instructed by my dietitian to help lessen everyday anxiety.

When I’m mindful, I notice things, things that stand out but I don’t typically notice as I try to hurry through life. Things like this tree casting a long shadow on the snow covered ground and I think the park looks better covered in snow.

By the end of the walk, I usually feel more relaxed, less uptight than when I started. I’m not sure why that is yet – whether it’s the act of taking picture or the walk itself or the moment of solitude. All I know is that I feel better after this.

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