Those Darn Meddlers…

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I have a problem with people meddling into people’s lives. Isn’t there a saying – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? I think this applies to meddling as well. According to my personal experience and all those movies and TV shows I’ve watched over the year, I don’t think there’s ever been a scenario where meddling ended well. Yeah, I understand sometimes we want to wish others well but meddling often make matters worse.

I’m writing about meddling because there’s been too many people meddling in my life that it frustrates me and it’s certainly not the first time.

If I need help, I’ll seek help, that’s one of my mottos in life.

“Can you please tell your friends to butt out of my life?” I told mom recently as for the second time this month, her friend has found me a new job.

Earlier this month, her friend had suggested I apply for a Financial Analyst position at Lockheed Martin, which I have zero experience in. Besides, I never said I wanted a new job. I like my current job. I do not wish to leave my current job. I have no wish to feel that same crappy way as I felt back in 2018 when I was between jobs.

You want to know the reason her friend’s doing this? The reason is Mom’s meddling. She’s been telling her friends I’m staying at my current job even though the company’s under-paying me for having two undergraduate degrees. When her friends get a chance to talk to me, they’d ask, “Why are you such an idiot? Leave your current job and find something that pays more.”

Ahem, an idiot? Is that how Mom describes me to her friends?

Personally, I think my wage is fine. The only reason Mom thinks I’m making too little is because she’s comparing me with her. She thinks the offspring should be making more money than the parent. Isn’t that a stupid comparison?

After working so many crappy jobs over the last decade, courtesy of mom’s “suggestions”, if I find something I like, I’m sticking with it, no matter what people say. At the end of the day, don’t people say “do what makes you happy”?

“Please tell your friend thanks but I’m fine,” I said, “and if I ever need to switch jobs, I’ll know who to ask.”

6 thoughts on “Those Darn Meddlers…

  1. This is so true! I’ve had two jobs where I’ve not been happy, the second actually made me spiral into a depression. I’ve now got a job that offers a great work life balance and I really enjoy it. I know I get paid less than my two best friends, we all chose different career paths with the same base degree, but I wouldn’t leave this company for a huge pay rise unless I could be quite sure the new job would be us life fulfilling as this one! Stick to what you’re enjoying, and you can always ask for a pay rise at your current role if you decide that’s what’s important to you. Out of interest, what do you do that makes you happy? ☺️

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    1. I am in accounting. I know to a lot of people, that’s a boring career but I’m fascinated by it. I really enjoy sending invoices out and seeing the payments come in. It’s weirdly rewarding even though I know I can’t have a cent of it but it’s great to see I contributed to this. My company gives yearly raises to all of its employees on our anniversary date. So I’m not at all worried about asking for a pay raise and I am a very budgeter and make sure all the bills are paid each month. That’s all it matters.
      The thing about new jobs I don’t like is getting through that probational period where you have to earn people’s trust and establish your reputation in the company. I’m not sure if I want to go through that again as it was painful with the previous four jobs, which I did not like.


  2. Oh wow…can I just say your patience with your family and friends is amazing. I mean, I get the “wanting to help” but that’s just over the top if you ask me. And most importantly, I am glad to hear you like your job. It makes having to work more enjoyable. Stay strong!!

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    1. Haha, I try but oftentimes, I do feel my patience seeping away. Like one’s job is important because otherwise, you will not feel motivated to work and you will feel like just sitting there, counting the seconds until the workday ends.

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  3. I understand. I hate meddlers, too. Somehow they are always the ones that are somehow needing help and input from others, yet they are the ones that don’t listen or ask. They just find it easier to meddle in other people’s business.

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