Friday Fictioneers: Too Many Deaths

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Alright, let’s see…

Winter’s night, ground full of snow, she meets him, keels over and dies.

Oh wait, he meets her, faints in her arms and dies???

Ah, what’s wrong with me and death?

I dream about death…

I write about death…

Wait, have I been experiencing bouts of existential crises?

Have I?


Let’s start over…

The gal is looking to die and the dude helps inject the first dose of lethal injection into her arm and leaves. The next morning, he’s found outside, death by hypothermia.

Wait, didn’t I hear this in a play a few days ago?

(100 Words)

For Friday Fictioneers

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23 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Too Many Deaths

  1. I liked that. It was an interesting self-conversation. Ohhh, how we writers think… heheh! I have friends in law enforcement and sometimes they question my sanity with what I write. Especially when something I’ve written is so close to something that happens in reality. It’s happened with FriFic a couple of times. I don’t know who’s more spooked by it, them or me. Either way, it’s pretty durn freaky when it happens. Great writing this week! Uhhh, who are those people I just saw headed your way wearing hazmat & bullet proof gear???????? Hehehe! 🙂 cackling laughter!

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    1. Hehe… 😀 My dreams did that to me a couple of times – spooked me pretty good and made me question whether it was real. I’m glad my stories hasn’t done that to me. Thanks for reading. 😀

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