#Writephoto – Table

Top of the table by KL Caley

Rachel hates going to family dinners. “Everyone knows what Uncle Danny is trying to do.” She said to her sister, Jenna, over the phone.

“No, what?”

“He’s trying to tell everyone how freaking rich he is.”

“I don’t get it. If he’s so ‘freaking’ rich, then why doesn’t he sit in one of the larger chairs? Why does he settle with the tiny chair every time?”

“Because he’s trying to draw attention to himself, duh. By sitting in the tiny chair, he would be able to complain about how uncomfortable he is.” Though now that she’s thinking about it, it didn’t quite make sense but the conversation has started, thus it must finish.

“Ah… I guess that make sense.” Jenna spoke after a beat. “So should we go over there early and replace that darn tiny chair?”


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