Lens-Artists Challenge #141: Geometry

This week for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, Patti has challenged everyone with geometry.

To be honest, I found this topic a little challenging since I don’t typically take photos of things which much geometric qualities. After searching my archive, I managed to come up with a few photos.

Hope you enjoy.

This photo was shot from near the top floor of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. It was from my last visit in 2019. Disappointingly, every day was a cloudy and hazy day during my visit. What happened to the blue sky, LA? I kept asking. It was the middle of summer but the sky truly made the scene depressing.

On the plus note, this image is full of geometric qualities – the oval planter, the straight line formed by the 405 freeway, the cylindrical building, etc.

Here is my second image which was taken in the cute little Danish village of Solvang, right outside of Santa Barbara, CA. After snapping this photo, I couldn’t help but go inside and get myself a delicious Danish treat.

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #141: Geometry

  1. Oh I grew up in Santa Barbara and visited Solvang all the time. Last time I went to the Getty Museum it was sunny and beautiful. Haven’t been there since the fires broke out over that way. I’ve no idea what kind of damage was done around there, but I’m betting they still haven’t quite recovered yet.

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