CFFC: Size Comparison

This world makes me feel small sometimes especially when I’m in a wide-open landscape.

I went on a hike last Sunday. My first hike of 2021. It did not last long before I had to turn back. The snow was too deep for me. I fell and had to try and get myself out of waist-deep snow. As I tried to get myself out, I looked ahead and couldn’t see any sort of path. It was completely covered by snow.

The mountain won that day and I was going to run back where I came as fast as I could but then this pond and these guys caught my attention.

Here’s where the size comparison comes in. The photo above was shot using my 17-70 mm lens at 70 mm and the photo below was shot at 17 mm.

This sure is a big world.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

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