#AtoZChallenge 2021 – I am Klutzy

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

I am pretty klutzy, period. My mom used to singsong “clumsy, clumsy girl” whenever I fell down as a little girl. I think I fell because my mind was somewhere else, at least that’s why I fell and scraped my knees the last time, which was about a year ago.

Darn that earthquake!

I am going to focus this post in the kitchen aspect. I don’t think I’m klutzy in the kitchen because my mind is somewhere else, I think it has to do with my doubtfulness.

I recently learned the phrase “Mise en place” watching the Food Network. It mean “putting in place”. In the kitchen, this means prepping the ingredients beforehand – measuring out all ingredients, putting chopped veggies in bowls, and getting organized so you’re not running all over the place while your food burns.

Before I learned this phrase, I was the maniac running all over the kitchen and the house searching and grabbing ingredients while double-checking and sometimes triple-checking to make sure I grabbed the right thing. I would have flour on my shirt, on the counter, on the floor. When my aunt first saw my cooking techniques, she said, “It’s like a bomb went off in here.”

After watching America’s Worst Cooks, I realized my mistake and what I needed to work on. As much as I hate doing more dishes, I must use more dishes to be more organized and less klutzy.

Though I’m still quite klutzy, I feel I’m definitely more organized in the kitchen by measuring out and putting all the ingredients in glass bowls like the celebrity chefs do it on TV. At least now I can make a loaf of bread without getting flour all over my clothes.

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