Friday Fictioneers: The World Beneath


I watch as the water drains from the pipe above into the well below. It must be still raining up above, I think. Most of the city must be underwater by now.

It’s been over a month since we piled into government-created underground shelters. Did they know? I wonder. Did they know that after five years of drought, the world would suddenly rain like in Noah’s Ark?

“Whoa, cool!” A small boy arrives beside me, pointing at the torrent of flowing water. I smile at him. He smiles back before growing bored and running away.

Yeah, cool, I think, smiling.

(100 Words)

For Friday Fictioneers

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23 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The World Beneath

      1. Here, if it doesn’t rain for 3 days people start screaming drought. I just roll my eyes.I hear your fear, though. I DO remember when we DID have a real drought back in the 80’s and the village I lived in had No water. It had to be shipped in by the National Guard… a gallon a day per person for ALL needs. It wasn’t an easy time at all… even the creek dried up and the fish died.

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  1. I love how kids can find fun in anything. I’ve often thought back on moments like that from my childhood. Me: That is so cool! Mom and dad: That is going to cost so much to fix. Shoe’s on the other foot now but sometimes I do pause to be like … haha. Life is full of ironies.

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  2. Of course they knew. And yes, I can see it happen. And it nicely shows that the children grow up not knowing anything better, so for them it’s the way it is, normal and even cool. Those old tales from the good old days, who isn’t bored by them?

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      1. Some governments, certainly. Others probably try to hide things their voters won’t like and hope they go away… which never happens.

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  3. Little kids may not understand the value of fresh, plentiful water. I remember visiting my grandparents in western Colorado, and playing in the irrigation ditch was a highlight. I had no idea of the life-giving trreasure the water was until I was old enough to have read something about the dustbowl years.

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