#AtoZChallenge 2021 – I have a Vivid Imagination

“I dreamt you were an ax murderer,” I told my mom once. I think I was around eight or nine. She had immigrated to the U.S and began calling me every weekend. She laughed and I could feel her rolling her eyes on the other end of the line. To this day, she still reminded me of what I said whenever I tell her I’ve written a good story.

“Yeah, I murdered you with an ax, right?” She’d said. It was my turn to roll my eyes. Mom never reads anything I write, not even when it’s been published in an anthology.

Though it was only a dream, it was still frighteningly vivid and it’s something that’s hard to forget. It was like I was trapped in a scene of the Tell-Tale Heart. Oddly enough, the ax murderer dream was the thing that inspired me and the thing I focused on when I wrote the re-telling of the Tell-tale Heart. It was for a storytelling project for Toastmasters.

During the evaluation of the speech, my speech evaluator told me the story was “insanely vivid”.

I don’t recall the age when I developed a vivid imagination but to this day, whenever I have a story bubbling in my brain, I would be able to see my characters and plots so clear in my head – what they wear, what’s around them, etc. – and then, it would be like a movie being fast-forwarded, I could see the plot playing out before me, from beginning to end.

And this isn’t an once a day kind of thing. This happens all the time and sometimes, it can be rather annoying because it would send me into a daydream-like state.

This vivid imagination of mine was one of the reasons which prompted me to start my blog. It’s a place which my imagination can run wild. The imagination wells ran dry a few times but had never gone on for too long. All it took were some exercise and rest/recharge.

In the end, I guess I don’t mind having an actively vivid imagination. It allows me to escape at times when life gets to be too much and an active imagination does keep life pretty interesting.

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