Lens-Artists Challenge #145: Getting to Know You

This week, on Lens-Artists Challenge #145, guest host Scillagrace challenged everyone with the topic of Getting to Know You.

I am someone who likes to get up and personal with plants. This may sound weird but get up and personal allows me to see them in a new perspective. This allows me to see the yellow center which I don’t normally see with a pair of ordinary human eyes especially when the flowers are as small as lavender.

I am also someone who likes a good escape, to see nature, to pretend (even for a minute) that I don’t have a hectic job and a bunch of people needing my attention. Those moments of escapes always bring me wonderful landscapes to be marveled later.

Finally, I am someone who loves spring. It feels like it’s the time to start anew, to work toward new goals, and a time when anything is possible.

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