Lens-Artists Challenge #145: Getting to Know You

This week, on Lens-Artists Challenge #145, guest host Scillagrace challenged everyone with the topic of Getting to Know You.

I am someone who likes to get up and personal with plants. This may sound weird but get up and personal allows me to see them in a new perspective. This allows me to see the yellow center which I don’t normally see with a pair of ordinary human eyes especially when the flowers are as small as lavender.

I am also someone who likes a good escape, to see nature, to pretend (even for a minute) that I don’t have a hectic job and a bunch of people needing my attention. Those moments of escapes always bring me wonderful landscapes to be marveled later.

Finally, I am someone who loves spring. It feels like it’s the time to start anew, to work toward new goals, and a time when anything is possible.

13 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #145: Getting to Know You

  1. Thanks for joining the challenge and sharing these lovely photos of Earth in her spring beauty! How wonderful to take refuge in your natural surroundings when life is unsettling…I totally agree!

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    1. Thank you. I feel I should’ve taken an updated version of the lavender this week because the color intensified so much after taking it outside. Sadly, most of the flowers have wilted.

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