Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #149: Cool Colors – Blue and Green

This week on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #149, Tina has challenged everyone with the topic of Cool Colors – Blue and Green and I have just the pics.

I spent this past week traveling around Central and Southern Utah, maneuvering my way along the curves and slopes of scenic byway Highway 12 and spending the nights in small towns of less than 1000 people. It was serene and peaceful. I just wished I could stay forever.

On the last day of the trip, my aunts, uncle, and I decided we must see the bottom of Bryce Canyon before we go home. This was my third trip to Bryce Canyon. My previous two trips were a little like drive-throughs.

So we spent that morning hiking the combination Queen’s Garden Trail and Navajo Loop from Sunrise to Sunset Point.

That day’s weather was perfect – deep blue cloudless skies. It made my aunts wondered if people would think their photos had been altered when they post to social media.

I must say though, the view from the bottom wasn’t what I had expected. I was expecting to be among the hoodoo, not a forest. Still, the view wasn’t bad, just unexpected.

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