#Writephoto – Money Tree

A Money tree – KL Caley

“Money tree.” Susy spoke the words slowly as if trying to teach someone to speak for the first time. “You don’t believe in such thing, do you?”

“Huh, what?” Marnie said, as if she had just been snapped out of a trance. She was staring at the tree hypnotically. Letting out a nervous laugh, she continued, “Of course not, who believes in such thing?”

“I hope you ladies aren’t thinking this tree is going to grow money,” an elderly lady said as she walked toward Susy and Marnie in tiny steps.

“Why is it called a money tree?” Marnie asked.

The elderly lady smiled, “It’s called a money tree because legend has it, having this tree brings people good luck and luck is often associated with money.”

“We should get one then.” Marnie told Susy. “We can use all the luck we can get.”


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