#WeekendCoffeeShare: The Magic of Fireworks

Good morning or afternoon, let’s have a virtual drink.

If we were having coffee, I would first apologize for talking soft. I lost my voice yesterday while my throat feels like it’s on fire. I was having on and off low-grade fever yesterday. After consistently taking pain reliever all day, I slept fitfully through a consistent fever. It was after waking up and jamming another pain reliever into my mouth along with a lot of water that I finally broke a sweat as my fever at last subsided.

Mom kept asking if I caught the Delta variant, the state I live in – Utah – is apparently a hot spot right now with cases climbing each day.

I highly doubt it besides, this feels eerily similar to the time I went to Las Vegas and there was a 40-degree temperature difference between home and Vegas. I think my illness was induced by temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, work stress, poor sleep pattern, and probably a few poor diet choices. Mostly though, I think there’s an infection somewhere, maybe my knees, it has been hurting.

The temperature has been hovering around 100-degrees for quite some time and when I head into the office, it’s crazy cold, the thermostat is set to 71-degrees. I often have to step out to warm up. That 30-degree temperature difference can really mess with one’s body temperature.

I cannot believe I’m heading to Las Vegas on Monday. It feels like just yesterday when I was asked to be staff at my work’s annual conference when it was some 5 months back. I do hope I feel better by then.

Honestly, I’m only half-looking forward to the trip. I still have so many things to catch up on. I might had been taking on too much, not only at work but life as well. I have been out in the garden every night trying to get things done so I wouldn’t come home to a bunch of yellowing plants.

I have actually been panicking a bit this week as I’m trying to get everything as caught up as I can since I may only have a day to work for the next two weeks. I felt like I wanted to scream each time an email comes in from people needing receipts and invoices. “Get it yourself, people!”

Now, enough talking, I am going to end this with pictures of the firework show I went to on Monday night. Aren’t they magical?

If we were having coffee, I would thank you for joining me in this edition of #weekendcoffeeshare and hope we’ll both return next week.

23 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: The Magic of Fireworks

      1. Ouch. And, it’s not like winter when you can wear layers and remove them as you warm up. While the west is roasting, we had a high of 74* today. Normally it’s around 90/90. (0* and 90% humidity.

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  1. Hi YingLan,
    Like you, I quickly grew tired of trade show conferences. Several of my employers over the years wanted me to attend but I did everything I could to avoid them. I don’t mind the travel but spending a whole day, or worse, multiple days cooped up with sales folks and their potential customers was enough to make me look for some kind of mild virus to catch at the last moment so I didn’t have to go.

    I hope yours is more pleasant than mine were and that you either get fully better or just barely sick enough to blow the trip off.

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    1. Hi Gary, to be honest, I have no interest in the show itself. I mostly go to make sure to the cash is reconciled and accounted for. The last time the company held a conference in 2019, the cash was a mess. There was unaccounted cash and I’m still having to clean up that mess in 2021. So I’m mainly going to make sure this doesn’t happen. That and getting to stay at a 5-star hotel. 🙂


  2. No fireworks here this year. After our historic heat wave (I’m in Portland, Oregon), conditions are ripe for fire and after the past couple of year’s deadly forest fires, it is just too dangerous so all fireworks, professional and amateur, were banned. Of course, there were still plenty of idiots that set some off anyway, not caring if they caused harm.

    Feel better!

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