Yellowstone 2021 Day 3

I should’ve done a “Day 3” of the trip 3 days ago but with my guests still in town and work, I just couldn’t find the time.

The last morning in Yellowstone was a rainy one with fog and cool mist. I felt so underdressed in the lower 60-degrees temperature with shorts and a thin jacket. I could feel the hair on my legs standing up as I walked along the boardwalk at the Lower Geyser Basin.

I shot this photo there and decided to turn it to Black and White when I later viewed it on my computer screen. I think it’s more dramatic this way.

Though I didn’t take a large amount of photos on this trip, being this was my 5th trip to Yellowstone, I definitely shot some unique landscapes photos that do not contain geysers.

11 thoughts on “Yellowstone 2021 Day 3

      1. Then they are a regular thing for you then. I think we only have those once or twice a year and they don’t last long. So it’s a treat for me to get to see such thing.

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