Yellowstone 2021 Day 2

It’s amazing how I’m able to find so much in common with my fellow traveler and guest, who happens to be a 15-year-old.

I held her in my arms when she was a few months old. We’re 15 years apart but talking to her these last few days, I feel like I finally found someone that is like me. It’s finding a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle after searching everywhere.

She is like a version of me that lived the life I was supposed to had lived – two loving parents that doesn’t treat their child like a child that constantly needs to be taught a lesson and someone that must have the best of everything. It’s amazing to see what life would’ve been like if all the things that happened to me didn’t happen but would I be the same person today?

13 thoughts on “Yellowstone 2021 Day 2

  1. Amazing pic! I miss Yellowstone so much.. It’s nice to have a connection with someone.. I’m glad for that and I know what you mean, can’t help but wonder how differently things would have turned out. Hopefully you two have many more adventures together..

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