Yellowstone 2021 Day 1

Of the five Yellowstone trips I’ve taken so far, I think this is the most relaxing trip so far or maybe I’m just exhausted from all the traveling I’ve done recently.

It’s the one trip where I didn’t have to do much navigating and it’s the one trip so far I managed to sleep most of the way there. I cannot remember the last time I slept on a car trip. I was always the one that must stay awake to guide, to explain, to interpret…

This picture was shot at Mammoth Hot Springs. I love the colors of the rocks. I haven’t been to this spot since 2011 and didn’t really have memory of visiting this spot then once I got onto the terrace, I remembered it all. It’s amazing how little things like climbing the set of stairs to a landmark can jog one’s memory.

2 thoughts on “Yellowstone 2021 Day 1

    1. Absolutely, and I think part of it was I didn’t have an expectation to see Yellowstone this time unlike the last few times I’ve been to the park.


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