Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #159: Postcards

This week, on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #159, Guest host Ana from Anvica’s Gallery has given the topic of Postcards.

When I was young, my step-grandmother used to mail me postcards whenever she traveled and on the back, she would write messages. They were all so fun to read and some of the images on the postcards made me laugh. Nowadays, whenever I get to travel, I would always stop by the souvenir to pick up a postcard.

I would never mail these postcards as I don’t really have anyone to mail it to. I merely keep postcards now to document all the places I’ve been though I do wonder sometimes how my photos would look as a postcard.

This is from my recent trip to Yellowstone. I think this would look great on a postcard, especially with a little of the oil paint filter applied in Photoshop. This way, it won’t be just any old photograph.

If ever one of my favorite hiking spots decides to open a gift shop, I would be the first to head in and buy a postcard but until then, I will just have to settle with a postcard with one of my photos.

9 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #159: Postcards

  1. I believe your images would make perfect postcards, Yinglan. I would suggest you made postcards out of your favourite hiking images – and sell them in an newly opened shop!

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