Blogging Insights – New Format #3

I haven’t done a Blogging Insights in a while and definitely haven’t done one under this new format:

I agree with the first part of the quote. Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. I try to squeeze one post per day. That’s the daily limit, at least this is how much time my schedule allows. I try to catch up on reading and answering comments in the time in between but writing-wise, that’s how much time I have.

As for the second part of the quote, I’m guess that’s referring to quality of the post? If it is, then I also agree. Quality definitely matters and it often mean trying one’s best.

For quality check, I would always read and re-read to make sure there are no grammatical and spelling errors, the photos fits with the content of the post or the topic, and have written nothing offensive to anyone.

I do quite a bit of photo challenges thus I often have to make sure I adhere to the topic.

A little backstory…

Back to elementary school days…

One year on Mid-Autumn Festival, my teacher assigned everyone an essay assignment. The prompt was to write a short story about how one’s family celebrates this holiday. I spent the night at my grandparents and after I completed my first draft, my grandpa read and tore it up, “Redo.” He said but no matter what I wrote, he was unsatisfied.

Instead, he wrote the entire thing for me. I read over it. The entire thing read like a love letter to the moon. “That’s not the topic assigned.” I tried to tell him but he was adamant I turn in his essay.

Two days later, the teacher returned the paper to me with big red letters at the top, “OUT OF TOPIC!” and a “0” score. From then on, if I’m assigned a topic, I’m adhering to it 100%.

7 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – New Format #3

  1. Yes, I remember doing assignments when I “got creative” and failed miserably. Maybe that’s why I had a job (hated it) as a business analyst. Facts only.

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