Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #164: Looking Up/Down

This week, on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #164, Sofia from Photographias challenges everyone to Look up or Down.

I have been to Las Vegas multiple times and what was done during each of the visits was to tour the grand-looking hotels along the strip. Perhaps the previous trips were too rushed with my mom as the leader attempting to cram too much into one visit, rushing everyone from one place to another without allowing anyone to really take a look at the grand interior.

I’m not talking about the casinos. I’m talking about the minute details that’s everywhere and if you take the time to really look, it’ll amaze you.

On my most recent trip to Las Vegas, my aunt and I spent one evening touring the Bellagio Hotel. We walked through the crowded conservatory and just as we were about to exit the hotel, finishing our tour, my aunt pointed at the ceiling, “Look!” She said and there it was, assorted sizes of multi-color shells dotted the ceiling like an abstract painting.

I mentioned in this post I dug 15 holes this past weekend (the last weekend of August). One of those holes was for these lovely white garden mums. It’s my first time planting mums and I made that decision after doing non-stop research for days. A lot of gardening sites say mums bring fall colors and winter hardy. So I decided to give it a go.

I planted 5 different colors of mums. They were on sale – 5 for $10. So why not?

With drip irrigation, they seem to be thriving but it’s too soon to tell.

A few days after these were planted, they began to bloom.

The white and yellow are my favorites. They just look… so vibrant and bring a nice pop to my garden.

As they began to bloom, I decided to take my camera into my backyard to shoot some close ups of the flowers. It was quite difficult to shoot from the side as I had a hard time leaning against the jagged edges of the rocks. So I decided the best angle would be stand over them and shoot looking down at them.

I think they turned out well.

13 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #164: Looking Up/Down

    1. Absolutely and the thing is, I didn’t bring my camera on this trip because it was supposed to be a work trip, didn’t think I would need it. I am glad I can shoot in RAW on my phone and edit later.

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      1. Wow, that’s great. I’m in the middle of what it’s being called an 100-year drought here so water is scarce and I’m just feeding these plants the bare minimum and hope they survive.

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