Truthful Tuesday 10-05-2021

This week on Truthful Tuesday, hosted by Thoughts and Theories, asks:

Do you have a sweet tooth, or do you prefer savory snacks?

Snacking is an activity I don’t do often. Mom’s the one who does the snacking at home. You should see my pantry, which is another place of frustration for me as I can never find a place to put my things.

I have a walk-in pantry, by the way, and if you open it, I’d guarantee you would gasp. The first thing you’d see will probably be medication – mine, mom’s, vitamins, pain relievers, allergy medications, all of it in plain sight. Next, your eyes will most likely travel up to the gigantic bags of chips and Almond Roca on the shelf above. That’s mom’s though I would sometimes pay a visit to the crispy peas but I don’t touch the Almond Roca. People say it’s a Christmas candy but mom eats it year round and frankly, I can’t stand it.

My foods are mostly on the lower shelves on the right. There’s a large bag of quinoa, spice jars filled with a variety of spices, noodles, and pastas.

I don’t know why I don’t snack. I guess I’m just one of those weirdos who prefers to sticking to 3 square meals a day rather than 10. Mom often tells me she snacks because of the lack of food and snacks she experienced as a child. Perhaps, it’s because it’s opposite for me and that’s why I don’t snack but then again, my youngest cousin is an avid snacker. So it’s doesn’t really explain much.

As for the kind of snack I crave, I can’t really say. It depends on the time and what my brain tells me I’m craving. Sometimes, in the afternoon, when the caffeine in my system has passed and I’m nodding off, if I’m working from home, I would wander to the fridge and grab a couple of mini-peanut-butter cups or if I’m in the office, I would wander to the basket full of candy and grab something sour. Let’s just say sugar perks me up, salt slows me down.

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