Friday Thoughts

What do you know? I made it to another weekend.

This week has felt unmotivated to me, at work especially. There were so many problems and emails that my tasks are being pushed from one day to the next and that list of people I need to bill is growing every minute.

I tell myself this at the end of each work day, “We are going to bill lots of people tomorrow.” At the end of the next work day, I billed zero customers.

You know the worst part? No one seems to be hearing me or listening to me when I address the problems. I guess it’s one of the cons of working in a male-dominated place. I have to go complain to my supervisor about every little problem so he can relay the message to another male. I’ve found this has been the only way that’s worked so far.

On the other hand, I’ve been rushing to get things done in the garden before winter hits, which according to the forecast is some time next week. It’s also been a race as nights get here sooner these days.

I propagated 9 rose stems – 3 of each color (red, pink, and yellow) – from my uncle’s yard next door. I followed the instruction (found on Google) to the T, so hopefully, it will grow roots. I’ll know in about 4 weeks but so far, it’s doing great.

I also managed to repot my pepper plants for overwintering. I really hope they will survive the winter. I don’t really want to grow them from seed again unless I truly have to as peppers takes forever to grow and by the time I’m starting to enjoy its harvests, winter hits. Crossing my fingers.

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