#SundayStills – So Pink!

I went to a cousin’s wedding in 2017 while I was spending a long 4 months break in China. In China, weddings are apparently a big deal. It’s basically a party of which everyone is invited as long as you’re related to somebody at the party. There are limousine involved and singer and dancer, photographer. It sounds expensive, if you ask me.

I didn’t know this cousin and I doubt he or she would know me. I’m that family member that’s way out there in the extended family category. I think this cousin is my grandfather’s sister’s grandson or granddaughter. Like I said, way out there. All I know is I’m older which wasn’t exactly comforting.

The wedding was centered around the color pink. It was so pink – too pink if you ask me. There were pink flowers, pink curtains, pink decorations, pink gift bags, pink, pink, pink…

Gift Bag

Due to our extended family status, my grandfather, aunts, and uncles were led into a room alongside with another extended family where we ended up watching the wedding from a TV. At least the food was good.


3 thoughts on “#SundayStills – So Pink!

  1. Aside from all the pink, it sounds a little sad that extended family had to watch the wedding on TV, Yinglan! My daughter attended a 3-day wedding/reception in NYC of an Indian couple. Talk about extravagant–I’m sure pink was prominent there too! That is a great shot of the wedding venue. I don’t hate that pink gift bag, actually 😉

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    1. It does sound a little sad to be watching a wedding on TV but I think they just ran out of room and I did try to sneak out and watch the wedding live and couldn’t see a thing. Too many people in my way.
      There wasn’t much in the gift bag, I think there were a few mints in there. The bag was cute though.

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