#WeekendCoffeeShare: Front Yard Project Update

Hello and welcome. Come on in. Can you believe it’s the last weekend of October?

It may be strange for me to say that I’m looking forward to winter. Maybe it’s because I can finally enjoy a few nights of TV or maybe it’s because it’ll be too cold for yard work. Who knows what the reason is, all I know is I. Am. Tired.

I am tired of the long work weeks. I am tired of mom always complaining like everyone and everything should revolve around her like the sun. I am tired of mom’s constant asking for pity and never think I might need some sympathy as well.

Fitbit recently rated my stress management at a score of 67. That’s probably the lowest I’ve ever seen it. I am usually in the 75-80 range. It’s not often I dip below an 80, which means I must be stressed especially I have been working over 50 hours 4 weeks in a row. When I’m not working, I’m shoveling rocks into a wheelbarrow, to be transported to various spots in my front yard.

The other night my uncle and aunt came over and watched me scoop rocks into the cart. “I didn’t know you’re so strong.” My uncle said. I almost smirked. I am many things but weak isn’t one of them.

Speaking of front yard, ta da!

You can see there’s still that big pile of rocks next to it. Though it looks pretty complete, there are still lots of places to fill it. My generous mother already gave quite a bit away to the neighbors across the street with the pile that was on my driveway. She’s going to give more away to her sister. I told her, “I must be compensated.”

She said no. “They are poor,” was her response and she’d managed to push the excuse that they raised me for 3 years again. Of course, she’d say that. Well, those 3 years were the crappiest 3 years anyone can ask for. I was a child and they treated me like an outsider.

I wonder if she had purposely miscalculate the footage, knowing no one else would be willing to help me measure the area, foot me the bill knowing I’ll feel guilty to pay for it, just to buy the rocks for everyone. Maybe I’m being paranoid, putting ridiculous thought in my overly-imaginative brain. Am I losing my mind? Either way, there’s no way I’d end up with that large pile of extra rocks if the area was measured and calculated correctly.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I spent Tuesday this week listening to a book on using the lunar cycle for self-care. It got me curious about Zodiac signs. I went online and Googled. It turned out I have been confusing my sun sign with moon sign. My sun sign is Libra while my moon sign is somewhere between Aries and Pisces.

According to Google, I was born while the moon was changing phases. The website told me to read about both Aries and Pisces and see which one I am like the most. Well, it turned out, I see myself in both Aries and Pisces. Maybe I’m both. I learned something new about myself.

Thank you for joining me for this weekend’s #weekendcoffeeshare and hope we’ll both return next week.

20 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Front Yard Project Update

  1. It looks so nice. Seems unfair not to be compensated, and with “mama” the decision is done. As long as you didn’t haul it to them..

    I always thought it was hard to get used to the xeriscape, and I love it. No mowing, more time on the weekends, and wildflowers love it. Enjoy some rest….


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    1. It is unfair and it’s more unfair that she’s telling people that she’s paying for it. I sure hope I don’t have to haul the rock to my aunt and uncle but it’s hard to say with mom.
      I’m afraid I don’t know when I can get rest. There’s always something on the agenda when 8 other people depend on you. *sigh*

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  2. I like those rocks. I have river rock in my front yard. I like it a lot better than grass because I don’t have to mow rocks! Sometimes I get tired of rocks but it’s so much easier than living things!

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  3. Hi Yinglan, I’m sorry to hear that your stress level is doing so poorly. It must be exhausting because that’s how stress effects me. I don’t know you’re ever going to get any relief until you somehow get some space between you and your mom. I wish a better life for you.

    On the other hand – all the work you put into your yard looks great. Congrats.

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    1. Thanks Gary, I feel like a failure sometimes because I kept making a goal of spending time away from the family and so far, that goal feels unachievable. At the same time, my emotions and stress levels are taking a toll.


  4. The yard looks great! I am actually aiming for having river rocks and a good mix of plants for the front yard. How did you measure to find out how much you need and how deep were the pebbles?

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    1. My mom ended up measuring the area. I couldn’t get anyone to help me measure and couldn’t do it myself. I think she sketched out the shape and then added the areas of the shapes after measuring. I think the minimum depth is 3-inches.


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