Monday Thoughts

Maybe I’m just looking for trouble despite my muscles protesting yesterday or maybe I’m just stubborn.

I got 2 large 100-gallon grow bags a few months ago and wanted to fill it ever since. I initially wanted to wait until spring but why should I wait? Soil is an expensive commodity especially during spring and that grow bag needs a lot of soil – 13.13 cubic feet according to Google. So yesterday, I went to Home Depot and had someone there help me lift 8 cubic feet of garden soil plus 6 cubic-foot of compost from the shelves.

It turned out I bought too much. That 100-gallon grow bag only took 9.5 cubic feet of soil to fill and I don’t have the space to fill another 100-gallon. So I ended up using the remaining soil to fill the 30-gallon grow bag (the black bag by the tree), the 20-gallon (the white bag), and the 4 7-gallon grow bags.

It was a lot of work but at least come next spring, I don’t have to buy anymore soil. I can just start planting.

Anything you want to ask? Want to know?

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