Truthful Tuesday 11-30-2021 on a Wednesday

This week on Truthful Tuesday, Frank from Thoughts and Theories asks:

Whatever holidays you may celebrate this time of year, how ready for them are you?

The short answer – as ready as I’ll ever be. I got my Christmas tree put up and connected the lights outside. That’s as ready as I’ll ever be.

The long answer – I don’t really celebrate Christmas. It isn’t because of religion or where I came from or anything and I understand how Christmas came to be and all. I guess, with my mom and her family, there just aren’t any enjoyment to Christmas.

My first Christmas was when I was 10-year-old. I spent that Christmas with my step-father’s sister and parents. There were family gatherings and so much food – turkey, ham, potatoes, casseroles. They were traditionalists. They also spent the nights leading up to Christmas watching Christmas movies. Despite not understanding a word of English, I had fun that Christmas.

Fast forward 5 Christmases, we moved from California to Texas to be closer to my stepdad’s family. On Christmas day, I woke up and discovered a stocking full of candies and goodies. My mom began accusing my step-father of spending money on me. “Cheer up, it’s Christmas. It’s only once a year.”

“That doesn’t mean you go spend money for candies.” She snatched my Christmas stocking and muttered bitterly beneath her breath. That mutter became a fight between her and my step-father. It was just like any other day. Why should Christmas be any day special? I remember thinking.

Mom was bitter last Christmas and the one before that and the one before that. Do you see why I don’t really celebrate Christmas?

Of course, I will put on a festive mood to go out and have a Christmas lunch with my colleague and participate in the company’s Christmas party, those are just about the only things I look forward to each year.

One thing I’m not looking forward this year is being stuck at home for 10 days between Christmas and New Years because mom is refusing to go anywhere and she won’t let me leave the house unless I have a good reason. I just hope I get to go out.

Anything you want to ask? Want to know?

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