#Bloganuary Prompt Day 7 – Laughter is the best Medicine

What makes you laugh?

Lately, it’s been you all that are making me laugh and it’s so refreshing to work and mom’s tantrums. Mom had been having an allergic reaction to something for the last couple of days.

There are a few large red bumps on her back, which she said itches and stings. She wants me to diagnose it despite the number of times I’ve told her, just because I go to a lot of doctors doesn’t mean I am one. Anyway, she’s been depending on me to apply over-the counter anti-itch topical cream on her back while being a baby about it. That’s how she is when it comes to weird stuff happening to her body or when she’s sick. Meanwhile, I have to be a brave soldier when I’m sick or hurt.

When I had a major oral surgery last month and couldn’t open the left side of my mouth, all she did was make me rice porridge (rice and water) and steamed scrambled eggs. Though I appreciate her effort, I was starving. I was cold and weak for days and had wish she had made a better effort. I ended up pulling myself up and making myself a protein smoothie and finally felt satiated.

Meanwhile, this week, I have been working an average 12 hours a day – from early AM into the night. It’s not a good way especially after 10 days off from work but it’s month-end and what needs to be done must get done.

This morning (Friday morning) is the third day since mom’s red bumps surfaced. I told her if it persists, she should go to instacare or urgent care at the hospital, no matter how much it will cost. She said, “I rather wait to make an appointment with my family doctor.”

Wait, but she made me go to urgent care when it happened to me 2 years ago. It cost me $130. She just didn’t want to pay.

So she’s irritated and frustrated and being a big baby about some red bumps. Meanwhile, I wasn’t allow to complain when I had my surgery last month. I had to soldier on.

To help me cope, I often turn to reading blogs and a few days ago, I found myself snickering while reading this post from Melanie of Sparks From a Combustible Mind. She writes the most hilarious posts sometimes about life in Utah like how horrifying it is to drive on I-15, which I find very relatable as I have to drive those same roads every week.

I also live in Utah, though not as long as she has and most likely don’t know as much about the quirky things people do in Utah as she does. So it was a funny post about how people speak English that got me laughing. Go check it out, I’d guarantee you’d walk away laughing.

5 thoughts on “#Bloganuary Prompt Day 7 – Laughter is the best Medicine

  1. Aw! Thanks for the lovely compliment! 😊 I have to wonder if your mother has a mild case of shingles? Older people are prone to them. But if you’ve also experienced the same allergic reaction, than it is something you both came in contact with. An old remedy is Calamine lotion. It helps with the itching (doesn’t stop it entirely, but tones it down), and cools the skin so it’s not so irritating.

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    1. You’re welcome!
      She later self-diagnosed it as it is shingles and thankfully has some acyclovir on hand. She’s feeling a bit better now, at least she claims.
      I had a similar allergic reaction after visiting the Timpanogos caves but I was diagnosed by the physician as that, not shingles. So hopefully, she will truly feel better soon.


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