#SundayStills – Looking to the #Future

As I look back at last year’s pictures of my tomatoes, I look forward to growing more this year with more experience and varieties. I have been reading up on gardening and growing different kinds of vegetables and fruit include tomatoes, peppers, and different types of squash and melons. I can’t wait to start the garden season.

Ever since I started photographing, I have been noticing things like how the color of the sky is different before and after the storm. This was after the storm. Either way, it was different from other sunsets and in my gut, I knew it predicted something.

Sunday Stills

4 thoughts on “#SundayStills – Looking to the #Future

  1. Wow, you and Hugh Roberts had almost exactly the same idea for your Sunday Stills post and on the same day! He had bulbs and a sunrise and you have tomatoes and a sunset! Great minds! Both images speak to a future made cyclical and predictable by biology. I also look forward to growing tomatoes again this year and boy, what a beautiful sunset picture you shared!

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