Truthful Tuesday 01-11-2022 on a Wednesday

This week, Frank from Thoughts and Theories is back from his blogging vacation with a brand new edition of Truthful Tuesday where he asks:

What was your favorite part of this holiday season?

My favorite part of this holiday season had been the time off from work. It gave me a chance to quiet down from all the screen staring and number crunching and of course, allowed me to do some healing from my recent surgery but let’s face it, there wasn’t any healing involved, which was why I had to start myself on Ibuprofen a few days ago (not the strong stuff, just the normal stuff).

My favorite part of the holiday season used to be the department holiday lunch where we, as a department, head to a fancy restaurant for lunch (fancy in my opinion considering I never go out for meals) and then play games and do a white elephant gift exchange afterwards. I didn’t get to go in 2021 as I had a major oral surgery a few days back and my face was swollen like I’ve been in bar fight and got a few teeth knocked out, which was partly true as I had 12 teeth extracted for my surgery.

I really hope I get to participate this year.

Anything you want to ask? Want to know?

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