Hello February!

January is gone? What happen to it?

What a doozy!

January felt long, short, blurry, horrible all of the above. I still have no idea what I’ve done in January. I know I took days off during my busiest month. I know I spent a weekend recovering from the booster. And I know I barely went anywhere in January.

It was definitely one of those months when I don’t feel motivated to go out because of the cold temperatures. I found out this January was once again one of the driest months with less than 0.5-inches of rain. Temperatures have also remained brr… cold. Some days, the temperatures rose to 40-some degrees while there were days that only reached the upper 20s while the nights were often in the teens and single-digits Fahrenheits.

Home life still the same. Full of frustration and irritation from listening to mom’s constant blasting YouTube at all hours. Last weekend was the most annoying of all. With her tablet’s speaker turned all the way up, she was watching the truckers rallying in Canada. Horns honking, people shouting, it was the only thing I could hear despite wearing noise-cancelling headphones plus closed doors.

She had even want to take over the TV on Saturday night, blasting the volume to 80 to watch the Trump rally in Texas. I bet the whole street could’ve heard it if one of the windows was open. I’m not going to discuss politics here though as we are like oil and water. We don’t mix.

I can’t believe my next oral surgery is 7 days from now – next Tuesday. I’m nervous and I have no doubt it will different from last time because they are operating on the side of my mouth that has teeth as opposed to last time which was the side with no teeth. So I know I will definitely have to stick to a liquid diet this time.

Well, let’s hope February is a better month than January.

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