Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #185: Change

This week, on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #185, host John from Journey with Johnbo has assigned the versatile topic of Change.

During a work meet this past week, one of my colleagues spoke of the frustration with the new multi-factor authentication for the accounting software login. It was another change the company has thrown at us without much warning. We now have to approve our login from an app on the phone, even if we are just relating an email to a bill.

Fortunately, I have a smart phone now but it wasn’t the case a few years ago. I had the phones pictured above up until the middle of 2019 when my mom finally granted me approval to get a phone. Why I need her approval? I don’t know.

Having a smart phone was a welcoming change because I finally don’t have to carry a tablet, I finally have internet in my pocket, and I can finally control things with a phone.

My wifi is controlled through my phone, so is my lamp, and I get to control who uses my internet. It was truly revolutionary.

Lastly, I don’t know about you but I have been craving spring. It would be a welcoming change from this constant below freezing temperature. It would also be a welcoming change to see some greenery instead of bare branches.

10 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #185: Change

  1. Cellphone technology has certainly changed in the last couple of decades from those bag phones to your example of the “Internet-in-a-pocket” machines. I am not negative about the two-factor identification, though. I know it adds an extra layer of hassle, but it also adds an extra layer of privacy protection. In these days of ransomware, hackers, and scammers, I am afraid it’s a necessary step to keeping our information private.
    Your last image is a beautiful view of what appears to be a mountain meadow. I’m sure most of them are covered with snow right now.

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    1. I’m not negative by the two-factor authentication either. It helps add an extra layer of protection. Unfortunately, apps and phones can stop working – I’ve had a couple of those days – and depending on those to log in scares me sometimes.
      It’s been a dry year, though I’m sure there are plenty of snow in the mountains, I don’t think there is a lot.


      1. You are correct about the temporary unavailability of a cell phone for whatever reason. I do like it when companies offer to send the one-time authorization code to my choice of either registered email or cell phone.

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  2. let it be Spring!! I am with you. As for cell phones. We had our first cell phone the same year my daughter got her license. We had one for the whole family. She felt gypped because she had to call to and from everywhere she went. Little did she know without it, she wouldn’t have had the freedom. Now, none of us would know what to do. Everything is at our fingertips. Donna

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