Sunday Poser #69

Taking a whack at a new prompt in avoidance of dealing my current emotional state, this is Sunday Poser, hosted by Sadje at Keep it Alive and this week, she asks:

Do you collect or hoard things?

Oh, this is a definite yes.

Photo by Becky Phan on Unsplash

When I go somewhere new or sometimes, just somewhere, I often buy postcards and the number depends on whether there’s a sale. There are many places nowadays with a sign that reads like “4/$2.00 or $0.75 each”, I am that sucker that always goes for the “4/$2.00”.

After collecting drawerful of postcards, however, I began to get confused. What year did I visit this place? Did I buy this on my first or second visit?

So last year, I decided no more postcards. I have no room to put them and I have no one to send to. Other than my former step-grandmother, I don’t know of anyone who’s a fanatic at collecting/hoarding postcards as me. I decided I’d buy magnets instead. At least I can stick it on the fridge and show off to guests, “have you been here?”, “You bet I have. I have a magnet to prove it.”

Beside postcards, I also collect money – mainly state and national park quarters, 2-dollar bills, half-dollar coins, dollar coins, and very old pennies. They are in a plastic baggy somewhere but I don’t know what to do with them yet. After all, they ought to worth something, right?

Do you collect or hoard things so that you don’t run out of them? And if you do and later on find that you don’t need them after all, what do you do with them?

Embarrassingly, I do do that even though I have next to zero space in my garage. I bought so much gardening supplies last year because a lot of people were saying things will get expensive this year that it’s practically overflowing in the tiny space next to my car. There are probably 50 grow bags of different sizes, over 100 nursery pots as well as many other things.

I’m glad I got them though because I haven’t had to spend much money on gardening supplies this year.

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