#SundayStills – #Fresh

I agree with Terri, nature seems a little confused this year. It was warm before the temperature fell to the teens. I’m so glad I repotted most of my plants while the weather was warm because if I hadn’t, they would be overgrown in their tiny pot by now.

Those basil in the back? I propagated them from cuttings from the mother plant, which I grew from seed late last year. I’m glad it rooted because this was my second attempt after all the cuttings died within a week in my previous attempt.

Anyway, I think plants can benefit with some fresh new soil now and then.

After a chilly week, a walk in the park is always refreshing and with my homemade woolen beanie and an extra layer or two, I can get out of the house and enjoy a breath or two of the fresh wintry air.

Sunday Stills

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