What do you see # 127 – Another Love Story

Photo by Yana Hurskaya on Unsplash

Day 1:

“Looks like you have a secret admirer.” Maya cooed as we approached my apartment. With my head down as I rifled my purse for the keys, I did not see the vase of flowers on the steps. “I wonder who they are from.” She picked up the vase, searching for a card, “hmm, no card.”

“They are probably for someone else in the building. There are other people in the building, you know.”

Day 3:

There was another vase of flowers on the front step upon my return from the store. Somebody’s either desperate or this is a secret code for something romantic.

Day 5:

“Um, hello?” I discovered a gentleman sitting on the front step, he’s holding a vase of flowers. I know him. What’s his name though? Wait, how do I know him?

He jumped up and said nervously, “Um, hi.”

I took a step back, “Um.”

“Grant? I sit across from you at work?”

Oh right, that’s how I know him, from work. “Uh, Grant, what are you doing here?”

He shoved the vase of flowers in my direction, “These are for you.”

“Oh, thank you. They are lovely.” I cleared my throat, “Why are you giving me flowers, exactly?”

He let out a nervous chuckle, “Boys give girls flowers, right? Especially when they like each other?”

Day 365:

“What’s this?” I gestured to the vase of flowers on my front step.

Grant went and picked up the vase of flower, walked over to where I’m standing, and got down on one knee. “You received the first vase of flowers from me exactly a year ago. I fell in love with you way before then and I have and will continue to love you. Will you marry me?”


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