#Writephoto – The Spy Behind the Blue Door

After her garden got trampled for the umpteenth time, she’s had it. The spring and summer months were her favorite months of the years until she woke up to find her wonderfully alive vegetable garden ruined not once or twice but just about every day.

She tried to play detective to find out what had destroyed her garden but thought even if she knew who or what had done this, she didn’t have adequate proof. Reluctantly, she called her son, asking for help, “Son, will you help me?”

Her son arrived the next day with a ladder, drill, and a few decorative pieces for camouflage. When she saw the decorative piece, she smiled at the tiny blue door, “Oh, where did you find this?”

“Thrift store, you like it, mother?”

“I love it.”

He removed the tiny glass piece of the peep hole above the knocker and replaced it with a small camera. Then he fixed the door to the tree with a few screws. “There, now you can catch whoever’s been destroying your garden in action.”

The morning after another raid, she opened the app on her phone and replayed the camera feed. There was nothing at first, just a patch of darkness, but then there they were, chowing down on her vegetables was a family of deer.


Fairy – Image by KL Caley

9 thoughts on “#Writephoto – The Spy Behind the Blue Door

  1. OH wow! I bet she got some amazing images. Very realistic story, well done. Thank you so much for joining in with #writephoto. Sorry for the late response, I am playing a bit of catch-up. KL ❤

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