Friday Fictioneers: 30 Years into Boxes

Dropping the empty box on the floor, I glance around my office. Trying to fit 30 years of junk and priceless treasures into boxes appear to be an impossible task so far, not to mention separating the tangle mess of wires behind the desktop, yuck.

The place I thought I would call my forever home is no more. In a few weeks, new people will come and make this their new nest while I will be cruising down the highway in my truck with a trailer in tow.

Now, that’s a life I shall look forward to. Nomadic and free.

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For Friday Fictioneers

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12 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: 30 Years into Boxes

  1. There’s definitely a strong appeal in the idea of being able to take only the essentials and just leave. The packing and culling is agonising, but I can just feel the weight lifting off as he does it. ‘Nomadic and free’. Yes. Sounds great. Well described in this.

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  2. Oh, the happiness of letting go! But it seldom includes that “junk” that used to mean so much. Who has room? So we drive fast to leave it behind, and start thinking of new things that will become junk. I love the feel of freedom you’ve conveyed.

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