What do you see # 135 – The Dream of an Avid Runner

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Please note: This is fiction!

She is an avid runner. Running is her daily routine. It’s the first thing she does when she wakes in the morning.

The last few days, however, she’s been feeling antsy, as if she’s forgetting to do something. In order to move out of her city apartment in time for her lease to expire, she’s been busy packing and loading boxes into the rental truck that she couldn’t spare her mornings to run. Although moving to suburbia has been her plan for a while now, there was always something about the city that kept her in place. That was until recently when she came close to finding out the danger of running on city streets when a driver didn’t see her darting out onto the crosswalk and nearly ran her over.

As she tucks herself into her sleeping bag on the final night of her stay in her now-empty apartment, she smiles and dreams of running along a trail lined with lush green trees with not a car in sight.


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