What do you see # 136 – Hard Life

Image credit; Muhammed Hassan @ Unsplash

Please note: This is fiction!

She has had enough. Sitting on the front porch step of her parents’ house, throwing her hoodie over her head and hands over her ears, she shuts her eyes, wishing everything would just stop for a moment.

One moment. Just peace and quiet. No shouting. No screaming.

It’s been a rough year. Since her father lost employment, he’s been lying on the couch all day while her mother has to take on a second job. Every second her mother’s at home, she and her father have been battling it out, like two wrestlers in a ring.

Her lips quiver as the first set of tears fall from the corner of her eyes, ruining her mascara. Hastily wiping the tears away, she sobs. Why does life has to be so hard sometimes?


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