Sunday Poser #82 – Life Lesson

What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?

Just one? Firstly, I agree with Sadje, “Life teaches us many lessons. Some are hard, others are easier.” Even though I haven’t been on Earth for as long as some of my blogging friends, I believe I have learned a great number of lessons in that brief period thanks to a traumatic childhood. So to choose just one, I will have to go with my motto, “everything will eventually end (or resolve itself).”

It doesn’t matter whether you’re feeling sad or hopeless or filled with despair right now, those feelings will come to an end, no matter what.

I often tell myself, “it’ll all be over soon,” whenever I feel scared or nervous because I believe everything has an end. This was what I said to myself right before my last few surgeries on my wrist and teeth. I usually say this right before the most painful of the process, which is the IV. I have tiny veins so finding my veins usually is a 2-3 persons job along with multiple jabs.

“It’ll all be over soon” is the phrase I would repeat in my head because eventually someone will put the needle in the right spot and I can move on.

So everything has to end eventually, that’s a great life lesson I think everyone would benefit from learning.

What in your view is the one thing that life teaches us that can improve us?

The one thing life teaches us that can improve us is to have patience. I think life is a game of patience and I think it absolutely applies to my life lesson above – everything will eventually end. Not to sound philosophical but I think of life as a giant waiting game. Life as we know it will end some time, it’s just a matter of when. So life teaches us to be patient, enjoy the moment, and live in the present.


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