Truthful Tuesday 06-14-2022 on a Wednesday

Have you personally felt the food ‘pinch’, whether due to cost or unavailability?   

I, personally, have never felt ‘pinched’ for food. I have worried from time to time, especially recently, that food prices will go up and has gone up. I went to the grocery store this morning to stock up on lactose-free milk and yogurt and noticed the prices for a dozen eggs have gone up a lot from the last time I had to buy eggs. Immediately, a part of me felt the need to stock up on eggs but then another part of me told me there’s no need. I think it was just anxiety talking.

Do you think there is a danger of us ‘running out of viable food’ due to lack of green space and non-polluted ground to grow things on? 

I have seen some pretty innovative ways of growing foods on YouTube such as growing food indoor using plastic crates and LED grow lights. I have personally grown food indoors on my shelf using fabric pots and LED grow lights.

However, I do think there is a danger of us running out of green space to grow food as population grows and housing demands is much greater than the supply. During my trip to China in 2017, I remember seeing old photos of my hometown in the museums of how much farmland there was in my hometown. Unfortunately, almost 100% of that farmland have been replaced by high-rises and commercial real estate. It makes me feel fortunate to have a backyard where I have fertile soil to sustain plant life and grow my own food.

Have you changed your meal planning or schedule to include fewer meals or reduced portions?

I can’t say I have though I have noticed my fridge seeming emptier than before. Or perhaps it might be because we’ve been eating from the garden so we have less groceries taking up fridge real estate.

One thought on “Truthful Tuesday 06-14-2022 on a Wednesday

  1. I have found your efforts towards growing your own food most admirable. And you’re wise with that because of just what is occurring now with the quest for money overtaking common sense regarding pricing of store bought food. Sadly (in my opinion) America is becoming like many perhaps over populated nations, and is being extremely careless with something priceless … i.e. fertile ground which will support crops and livestock. My father was an avid gardener and we had everything from watermelons to green beans that he’d grow. I learned to put up (preserve) fruits and veggies for the winter from my mother. They knew some good ways that have gone out of fashion and use, to ensure there was always enough food on the table. I never was grateful though until this situation now began to happen.


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