Sunday Poser #85 – Father’s Day

What is the most precious memory of your dad?

There are not many in the world that can say they have two dads. I have two dads – a dad and a step-dad.

Unfortunately, my dad passed away before I could possess any precious memories of him. The only thing I know about him is from what my mom told me – he’s a self-taught landscape photographer and he’s a writer. I guess I got something good from him.

I’m glad I made some great memories during the brief time I spent with my step-father. I think some of the most precious memories of my step-father are the early weekend mornings we spent playing board games. I miss those moments now that I don’t have anyone to play old-fashioned board games with.

I also found the time when we collaborated on a song – me on the piano, him on the guitar – and for once, I wasn’t afraid to belt out the tune. I wasn’t afraid of who was listening or that my voice was out of tune. He made me sing louder. “Louder,” he demanded. I don’t usually sing solo to anyone but I had fun that time.

Sadly, we only collaborated that one time because my mom couldn’t leave us alone long enough before picking a fight with my step-dad. Still, those moments were precious and worth it to treasure forever in my mind.


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