Sunday Poser #85 – Father’s Day

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What is Father’s Day?

What is Father’s Day? What is this day about?

Honestly, to me, it’s just another ordinary Sunday. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a proper Father’s Day even with my step-father. I guess we just never been the traditional type but then what’s true definition of traditional?

In the past 15 years or so, even when my step-dad was in our lives, my mom was constantly on double-duty. Then after my parents separated, my mom’s double-duty as dad became more prominent than ever before. She cooks, cleans, mows the lawns, plucks the weeds, and even joins the army, doing activities people at her age should not be doing like climbing ropes and going through rugged training.

So what is Father’s Day, really? Other than the obvious answer that it’s a day all about dad, traditional barbecue, and the great sales at home improvement stores and department stores, what is it all about?

In my opinion, yes, this is a day dedicated to fathers but it is also a day we use to thank them for everything they do for us. Isn’t that true? But wait, you say, don’t we do that everyday already? I shake my head because I feel sometimes we don’t show our appreciation enough.

So for today, give your dad a sincere thank-you, give him a hug or kiss on his husky face, and maybe watch a game with him because this day is all about the thank-yous and appreciations.

Have a happy Father’s Day and a great day! 🙂