What do you see # 139 – Sneak Peak

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Please note: This is fiction!

Benny’s jaw dropped. Mommy and Daddy did what? He couldn’t say the word out loud but he knew what it meant even at the age of five. What does it mean? He wondered as a million questions suddenly zapped into his curious mind.

“What ya reading, bud?” Benny slammed the leather-bound book shut as his mother entered the room.

“Nothing,” Benny lied.

His mother’s lips pursed. “Let me see that.” Slowly and face slightly blushing, Benny handed the book over. She turned to the cover, “Oh my, this is Daddy’s journal. You weren’t supposed to see that. Where did you find it, bud?” Benny stuck out his bottom lip, afraid. “You’re not in trouble, bud. Daddy’s been looking for this thing for ages. I just want to where you found it so I can let him know.”

“It was on the bookshelf, mommy, next to the naughty books.”


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