Truthful Tuesday 07-05-2022

How Do You Like To Keep Cool When It’s Broiling Outside? (example: 75 degrees Fahrenheit equals 23.89 degrees Celsius for those not living in 1955, where America got stuck (partially) on the whole metric idea).

I’m basically stuck indoors when it’s “broiling” outside and with Utah’s high elevation UV rates, there’s little chance I can survive outside for long in the summer heat. Besides, in Utah, the temperature drops quite a few degrees just by standing beneath some kind of shade like a tree.

I used to be able to go out but I found out this summer I can no longer go out when the temperature gets above 80-degrees unless I want an all-day itch. It is also the reason why I have to keep the blinds in my room closed so I don’t get burned by the sun while working. I sometimes feel like my skin lupus has made me a vampire – sometimes who cannot be in sunlight because I can literally feel my skin burn when I step out into the sunlight.

The only way I can even step outside is by slathering myself in sunscreen and I recently found out I can’t even wear normal sunscreen on my face. I have to wear the sunscreen for sensitive skin individuals, which is about twice as expensive as the normal stuff. There’s something in the normal sunscreen that makes the my cheeks burn like they’re on fire when I put it on. My arms and legs, on the other hand, are fine with the normal stuff.

My skin lupus has put me through a roller coaster ride over the last 6 years but this is new and it makes me wonder whether this even is lupus or something else.

2 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday 07-05-2022

  1. It certainly looks cool enough in your lovely photograph at the end of your post. Interesting the things that affect our skin when we aren’t even aware of them, isn’t it? Personally I think “lupus” is a catch-all phrase for anything the medical community isn’t familiar with and can’t classify. The range of symptoms is impressive. It’s good you know yourself well enough to avoid things that make it worse!

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    1. That’s very true. Doctors basically tell their patients they have “lupus” whenever they suspect something is attacking the immune system. By definition, that’s what the word “lupus” means. And you’re right, it’s for whenever doctors have no clue what’s going on. 😀


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