What do you see # 141 – Doses of Fright or is it Surprise?

Image credit; Andrea Piacquad @ Pexels

Please note: This is fiction!

“Guess who?” I was sitting in my comfortable chair, reading a book when a pair of cold hands suddenly pressed against my eyes. The sensation made me jump like someone just took a pedal to my heart. I recognized who it was immediately. After all, I wasn’t born yesterday although I am getting to that point where I can no longer take fright well.

My granddaughter removed her hands from my eyes and for a moment, I squinted like I stepped into a blinding light. She sat down in the chair beside me. “Happy Birthday, Grandma!” She smiled. Is it my birthday? I wondered. Is it really? “Grandma, I have a surprise for you. Come with me.”

She grabbed my hands, pulled me up, and then linked her arm with mine. “You’re so sweet but you didn’t need to go through the trouble.” I must be getting old. Am I that forgetful to not remember my own birthday?

Together, we strolled outside to the lush garden when at the gate, I was given another dose of fright when at least 20 people jumped and shouted, “Surprise!”

Geez, can’t people tell I’m old and in no shape to be surprised like that?


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